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We are a small family kennel based in Romford, Essex.

Our love of Dogues goes back to early 2000 when we got our first gentle giant ‘Bailey’ and the family has continued to grow ever since.

Living on an equestrian centre with over 20 acres of fields our dogues have lots of space to run and play, in addition we also run a Canine Hydrotherapy Centre and all our dogs swim at least once a week to keep them in tip top condition. Swimming is a great form of exercise which works all their muscles in a weightless environment whilst improving stamina and keeping their body nicely toned.

Dogues love water, as you can see from this picture of Tia, she loves to chase a ball in the pool and we often struggle to get her out! On hot summers days they all love a hosing down and enjoy playing with the hose and laying in a paddling pool.

Our Dogues are very much part of the family getting lots of love and affection not just from us but everyone on the stables, especially the children who love to play with them and take them for walks.

Our bordeauxs are our hobby. We enjoy breeding top quality dogues and love having babbies to look after and play with. Each of or bitches has a maximum of three litters (far below the kennel club rules of 6) and only then if they are in good health and have produced good quality, healthy litters.

Unfortunately our other commitments have meant that we have not had the time to show our bordeauxs but we hope that will change in the near future.

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